What is the point of a society of paleoartists focusing on invertebrate visibility?

Invertebrates rarely feature as central figures in paleoart, and to many people, “paleoart” only includes dinosaurs and mammals. Invertebrates are crucial to any ecosystem beyond their role as prey for vertebrates, and understanding of their extinction events is just as important as vertebrate paleoart. Through community building and pushing each other to be better paleoartists, we hope to change this.

I also work on vertebrate projects. Am I eligible to join?

Of course! As long as you’re committed to elevating invertebrates, you’re in with us.

I work on micropaleoart, paleobotanical illustration, or some other obscure branch of paleoart that is not vertebrates. Am I eligible to join?

Yes, please join! Also, probably, please adopt us!

Can I join if I don’t make paleoart myself?

Yes! We are always looking for scientific advisors, as many paleoartists may lack, but benefit from, your expertise. If you are an expert on any fossil invertebrates, microfossils, or fossil plants, we’d love to see you in our critiques.

Is there a fee to join the society?

There are currently no membership dues for society membership, though this may change in the future if society costs become a real thing.